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Welcome to TopWaterNorthWest.

We specialize in one thing at TopWater......Giving you a
Better Fishing Experience.

Most of our customers are looking for a personal water craft to
their fishing access, putting them ON the fish, and not stuck on shore.

So, whether your interest is river, bay, or lake fishing,
we think you'll find our boats and tubes
to your liking.

We feature boats and tubes from BucksBags.
All boats....100% USA Made....very few pontoon companies can make that statement.
Our opinion....the finest pontoon boats on the water. Period.
Light, quick-handling, they carry a ton....and absolute bomb-proof tubes.
The toughest pontoon boats in the industry. All American Made!!

get your new boat this season?
Yikes....we feel your pain!!
  But late Fall Fishing Pain-Relief is here!

And Even Better can still
  get Free Shipping with any boat order through Late November.

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Boat Orders!!
Save a Bundle on any boat Ordered before Nov. 25th, 2014.

(...and don't forget the 6-month financing IS available thru PayPal......

You CAN....Fish Now....Pay Later!)

  Give us a CALL with a quick boat question,
please use our Toll-Free: up to Midnight.
From anywhere. Really!
(from Alaska and Canada....541-270-1925)

We have over 25 years of floating experience.
We row and fish what we sell.
We can answer your boating questions.

 The Brand NEW for 2014  12' Headhunter!!

Reg. 2014 retail price: $2,400......On Sale Now for: $2,079.

**Our shop phones are ringing off the hook on the new 12' Headhunter.

If you fish as a team....and you need a boat with an extra seat....

then this IS the boat!

12' Headhunter Deluxe Float Package:

**Dual Padded Seats
*Stainless Steel Rowing Frame!!
**Front Standing Platform + Standing Brace Bar
* 22oz. PVC enamel-coated polyester Top outer tube cover material.
*40oz Heavy Duty bottom tube PVC. All Rotary welded!
*100% polyurethane bladders.
*Performance-designed Rockered pontoons
*7 ft Breakdown Oars

*Dual Super Padded Side Bags
**Bronze Oarlocks!
*Rear Cargo Deck w/Drift Anchor System
*Carrying Capacity of 600 lbs!
*Boat weight: 95 lbs.

*5 Year Warranty!!

**And possibly most important....the 12' Headhunter
fits smoothly
into the bed of your favorite standard-sized pickup truck!

**Super Plush Day Boat that can easily handle multi-day outings!

******Yep....the Headhunter Can be Ordered on Topwater's Free Shipping Pre-Season
Delivery Deal.
Check out the pricing on Free Shipping Deal Page. 


8' South Fork....w/Stainless Steel Rowing Frame!

Reg price: $900.....Order Today for $779....SAVE $120.
The always popular(best seller) and versatile South Fork....we get Lots of calls on the South Fork!
* Rugged and most stylish 8’ pontoon boat on the market today!
     * It has you covered on flatwater or on the river.
*Easy car-top carry or into back of truck!
**45 lb boat!! Yet has HUGE carrying capacity of 325 lbs.**
*96" long x 54" wide.
*5-year warranty.
*18" PVC Heavy-Duty Outer tubes....with polyester on top of tubes,
 with 22 oz material on the bottom
where most abrasions occur.
*100% polyurethane bladder.....of course!
*Stainless Steel rowing frame. Fully adjustable footrests and oar placement.
You'll LOVE this rowing frame!
*6'aluminum breakdown oars with stops.
*Large rear cargo deck + side bags.
*Stripping Apron
Did we mention the 5 year warranty??
".......It was a very pleasant experience working with TopwaterNorthwest. I also took advantage of their Boat financing through PayPal. Got to pay off my boat over 6 my boat shipped right away. Sweet!".....Johnny C, Billings, Mt.
NEED Free Delivery of your boat???
Stop by our Free Shipping Deal Page!

Give us a CALL on our Toll-free: 888-855-1767
if you have a quick question about any boat you see at Topwater.

Call up to Midnight from anywhere.....really.....we work late!
(from Alaska and Canada....541-270-1925)

8' South Fork in Camo....ON Sale!

$950....ON SALE NOW....for $ Save $125 today!
Yes...same super boat package as the blue South Fork above.......just in Camo.
45 lb boat....yep...carries 325 lbs.

***Use our Toll-Free for a Quick Boating Question:***
(from Alaska and Canada....541-270-1925)
(call up to midnight...from anywhere!)'s a Sale! Call us!

9' High Adventure w/ upgraded
Deluxe Frame Package!

(Reg:$950.....On Sale for $825 save $125 today!....)

The High Adventure is a great fishing 9 footer. If you need more carrying capacity...
you get it with a 9 footer over an 8 ft boat.
Deluxe Upgraded High Adventure Package features:
*Powder-coated, fully adjustable break-down Steel rowing frame.
*Big cargo Deck WITH BOTH Motor Mount AND integral Anchor System.
( FYI....these two features are not on the 8 ft Southfork frame set-up at top of this page.
We get this question a lot..... the High Adventure has the Upgraded Deluxe frame
as a standard feature!)

*6' breakdown oars
*Dual side bags.
*18 oz. PVC rotary welded tubes w/ vinyl bladders
*108" long X 55" wide.
*Boat weight of 60 lbs w/huge 375 lb carrying capacity.
(Super capacity for an 9 ft. boat)
*Stripping apron
*2-year Warranty
**This could be the boat. Easy to carry in your truck or on top of your car.**
The High Adventure can handle both whitewater with
superior fishing performance on flat water.


9'  Bronco Extreme....ON SALE!

Reg price: $1,475....On Sale for: $1, save $200 bucks today!
The flagship 9' pontoon boat from Bucks Bags...and what a Bronco sales package!!
Comes in two flavors...9' and 11'(see below).
Color choices.....Yellow, Red, Green.
Superior float package:
*Stainless Steel rowing frame...fully adjustable footrests.
*18" dia. Heavy duty tubes......rotary welded.
* 22oz. PVC enamel-coated polyester outer tube cover material.
*100% polyurethane bladders.
*Performance-designed Rockered pontoons
*Padded rowing seat....w/padded armrests.
*Bronze Oar locks
*6' breakdown oars
*Stripping apron
*Dual zippered Sidebags
* 55 lb boat package......carries 375 lbs!!
*5-Year Warranty
We call the Bronco.....the River Viper! Incredible river performance!

The 11' Bronco Extreme Package:...YES...ON Sale!
  (reg price: $1,575....on sale for: $1, save $225 today!
Identical boat package to the 9' Bronco Extreme above.......just MORE BOAT....
(like 2 feet more boat for just $125 bucks more)
11' Bronco package weight is 75 lbs with a whopping 600 lb load capacity.
Oars are 7' breakdown.
*Tube color: Yellow, Red, or Green.
*5-Year warranty
*If you fish Bigger Water.....go 11'.

**Have a Boat SALE Question? 888-855-1767**
(from Alaska and Canada....541-270-1925)

".....These guys know their stuff.....I just had a valve question....Super information!"
.....Ben Johns, Seattle
Don't forget to check out our Late Season Boat Order
page w/ FREE Delivery!
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10' Henry's Fork......On SALE!!

(Reg...$2,000....On Sale at $1, save $150 today!

The Henry's Fork at 10 ft, is perhaps the most diverse trout stream boat
you'll find meandering classic USA creek waters. It's 10 ft length and versatile 
variable-height frame set-up allows it to handle a wide variety of floating conditions....serene backwater floats to wild white-water canyon sections and everything in- between. 
It's a super-plush boat.
Think comfort....and style.....think MUCH better fishing!!

      Here is the Henry's Fork Package:

    * 10’dual-chambered pontoons with 22 oz. PVC coated polyester on top and an ultra-tough
40oz. material on the bottom to handle the most rugged conditions.

* Stainless steel “Versa-frame” system incorporates a variety of features
that can easily be removed or used in any combination to adapt to changing conditions.

    * Standing platform with thigh brace and stripping basket
which can easily be lowered while rowing.

* Integral Anchor System with our Line-Lock system
that makes anchor release and retrieval a snap.

    * Motor mount with battery frame.
* Elevated rower’s seat for added visibility and rowing efficiency.

    * Huge molded cargo deck conveniently elevated behind the rower’s seat.
Adjustable bronze oar-locks.
*7 ft breakdown oars.

    * Deluxe storage pockets with drink holders to effectively organize tackle.
* Comfortable padded seat.

       *A Whopping 550 lb Carrying Capacity...


"What really amazed that they answered their phone at 10pm!
Very pleased with my boat deal....super prompt delivery!
Amazing boat.....I fish where other's can't!"
...Angie Myers, Denver


13' Double Haul.....ON SALE!

(reg: $2,900......ON SALE for $2, save $325 today!

Double Haul Pontoon Package
( can modify the frame for 3 people!!)

The two-seater that everyone talks about on the river or lake!
The 13 ft. Double Haul has evolved into one of the most practical and maneuverable two-person crafts you'll find on the river.(It can also be set-up for 3 people!)  It's lightweight(130 lbs) and portable, yet offers all of the necessary features to effectively fish your favorite lakes and streams. The needs of both the fisherman and oarsman have been carefully considered, creating a superior fishing machine. The Double Haul also easily breaks down for travel.

The pontoons on this craft are constructed from 22oz. PVC enamel coated polyester on top and a bulletproof 40oz material on the bottom where most abrasions occur. The 13 ft pontoons are incredibly tough! The Double Haul also comes fully equipped with a solid standing brace mounted to a unique molded platform. The brace is padded for comfort and has an effective stripping basket.

     Additional Standard Double Haul features include:
*8 ft aluminum breakdown oars

* Deluxe tackle pockets with tippet dispensers and insulated drink holders

    * Two elevated padded seats for comfort and effective fishing position (rower’s seat is adjustable)

    * Large cargo decks fore and aft for loads of extra gear or overnighters and an adjustable rower’s platform for easy entry and exit as well as a place to stand for fishing while anchored.

* Solid anchor system with our patented Line-Lock system for
easy anchor release and retrieval.

*5-year warranty

     *Carrying Capacity = a HUGE 700 lbs.
* Inflated Size = 162" Long x 63" Wide


Have a boat question or want to order a boat?
Give us a call on our toll-free: 888-855-1767
We try to answer our phone up to Midnight.
Make the call...from any location in the USA or Canada....we work late!
(from Alaska and Canada....541-270-1925)

"...Topwater offered very useful advice on how to modify my rowing frame
for more than 2 people. Love the Double Haul!....."
....Walter Mann, Kentucky

7' Alpine.......ON SALE!

Reg price: $849....ON Sale for $ $100 bucks today!
The ultimate Stillwater boat....and don't let the small size fool you.
The Alpine is PLENTY of boat for flat water.
*Shallow Draft Low-Profile Double Pontoons
*Tough Vinyl bladders.
*Rear Motor Mount AND integral Anchor system
*Rear frame allows room for trolling battery.
*6 ft break-down oars w/oar stops.
*Powder-Coated Steel Rowing frame
*Stripping apron
*Super-padded Twin side bags
*Boat weight: 50 lbs....load capacity of a whopping 300 lbs.
(see...we told you!!)
Length: 84"X 55" width


**Again....please give us a CALL with a quick Boat question:
Toll-Free: 888-855-1767
(from Alaska and Canada....541-270-1925)
You don't have to be a member of PayPal to get the Sale pricing.
You can use any Visa/Mastercard or Debit Card.

Call up to 10pm....from anywhere....really....we work late!

**Check out our FAQ page...more helpful info about our site and services.
Have a great day and evening.
**We have your boat!**

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